Friday, December 24, 2004

Yow -- Christmas Eve already?!

We're as prepared as we're ever going to be, I guess. The roast is cooking, Greg is practicing his Vince Guaraldi Christmas music, and at least half the gifts are wrapped. The dogs came back from the groomer's looking handsome and sporting discreet red-and-green bows on their collars. The cat doesn't care.

Christmas Eve is our holiday, to be celebrated in as laid-back a fashion as we can manage. We'll unwrap our gifts to each other and the animals tonight, enjoy our dinner, and soak in the hot tub for a while before retiring. Tomorrow's going to be a long day (good, but long).

Greg has a gig as a substitute organist, and he's playing for a Christmas morning Mass in Saco tomorrow. As soon as he's done, we'll meet at the Park & Ride near the closest turnpike exit, park his car, and drive mine down to my home town in Massachusetts.

My brother and sister-in-law, bless 'em, always hold holidays at their place. They do everything up perfectly and serve a massive dinner. All we ever have to do is bring the beer and show up. They have 4-year-old twins (one of each) and a new, 5-month-old Mastiff puppy who is already nearly as big as Doogie and Charlie put together. Her name is Lexus because she's as big as a car. :-) Anyway, we should have a fun time with the family, and then we'll catch up with one of my friends from grammar school and her husband for beer and gossip. We still have to make the long trek home at the end of the day, but that's why there are Dunkin' Donuts shops all over New England. Give us enough caffeine, and we can make the journey.


Thanks to everybody who posted such nice, encouraging comments on the subject of my very first felted article. It's nearly dry -- took almost all day yesterday to finally lose all the moisture. When I get some time in the next couple of days, I'll fasten on the button and take a photo for you. I'm still very pleased with myself.

We lost power here for about 3 hours yesterday evening due to high winds, so we were forced to retreat to the local Chinese restaurant for dinner and a place to linger. I, of course, brought along some knitting. My youngest sister requested a scarf made in fall colors, so I have one in process using Galway Tweed in rust, Electra in a complementary colorway, and Berroco Tassel FX in gold. It'll knit up fairly quickly on big needles, and she'll be tickled. It wasn't intended as a Christmas gift, but if I can deliver it tomorrow with her actual gifts, so much the better.

Well, Greg has moved on to practicing "The Christmas Song" (you know, "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Robert Frost nipping at your nose..."), so it's time I got back to assembling our holiday. Merry Christmas, all.


Pirate said...

Merry Christmas, blogdog. We are now going to watch the (hopefully) last installment of the third extended version of the Lord of the Rings. I am an ardent, admiring fan. We got through the extended versions of the first and second movies over the past week, and, as I said, tonight I think we'll finish off the third. Just me, Gord, Sam and the kitty cats, Maui and James.

Merry Christmas, blogdog, and a peaceful, happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, and regarding various songs heard around Christmas, there is the Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer song. Could this be about deer hunters drinking beer, as in the Second Week of Deer Camp? Perhaps so. After having a few too many beers, maybe some deer hunters start seeing things and babbling on and on, hence the song"

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Had a Very Shiny Nose
And if you had Too Much Beer,
You'd keep babblin' how it glows...