Sunday, December 26, 2004

Happy Nothing Day!

Ah, it's nice to have a day where your schedule reads Nothing, Nothing, Nothing all day long. We all need such days every once in a while, and I can think of no finer time than the day after Christmas to do a whole lot of nothing.

Well, not really nothing. We slept late, had breakfast some time after noon, and have been catching up to minor, non-demanding tasks since then. I've mostly been doing laundry and putting away the wrapping paper. Greg's been hacking away at his electro-acoustic music project.

We really had a fine time yesterday. Greg played the Christmas morning Mass over at the church and was very well received by the congregation. We met at the Park & Ride near the Turnpike exit, parked his car, and drove down to my brother's house for the annual holiday crowd scene and culinary extravaganza.

My brother couldn't decide whether to serve spiral-cut ham or turkey, so he made both... plus an assortment of veggies and baked eggplant (my youngest sister is a vegetarian, so that was her main course). We ate and drank and were merry, caught up on the news, posed for pictures, played with the kids and their Christmas toys, opened more toys, and met the puppy. (She's a little shy still, but sweet and adorable. People think my dogs are big, but it's hard for me to look at a 110-pound dog and think "She's just a baby.") Greg played the piano and my niece "accompanied" him on the pennywhistle he gave her for Christmas. Next year she may learn some actual notes...

A week's worth of vacation always looks like a lot more than it really is, when you're viewing it from the "before" side. I have great plans on a small scale for my days off. Here are some of the things I hope to do:

  • Read at least one book from cover to cover for pleasure. Greg gave me Vogue Knitting for Christmas -- that one's first!
  • Finish the felted purse and get a picture posted.
  • Frog my "World Series" afghan and get it back on track.
  • Price DVD recorder/players. My old DVD player has been pronounced "not worth fixing" by an honest local repairman who hates to waste time or money.
  • Hang out in Portland at least one day.
  • Finish my sister's scarf.

We'll see how many of these actually get done. Right now, I'm trying to decide whether it's too much work to put on another pot of coffee.

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Pirate said...

Happy day after Boxing Day, Blogdog. Hope you're having another relaxing day. We set up the new surround sound system yesterday (well, Mr P did) and we listened to (watched) Jurassic Park (or the parts with the big T-Rex) and also Star Wars. Wow! It's neat to have that big sound and the wall-shaking subwoofer. The boy barked at the speakers a couple of times because he was hearing noises he didn't normally hear.

Sounds like you had a fun day yesterday. I invited Pirate Sr (mom) out for a week at the end of January. My tutoring schedule is lighter that week because of the break between semesters. She'll be here. By then I want to have a couple of her favourite classical piano pieces learned, so I'm currently working on Largo by Handel. Blues & jazz will have to wait