Monday, December 27, 2004

Check off the first two items...

I'm happy to report that I've completed two items from my to-do list: completed my sister's scarf, and finished and photographed my very first felted purse. Check out the button on the purse. That's actually a pin with a center of silk-gauze needlepoint. I made it a bunch of years ago at a make-it-take-it class at a CATS festival.

We received about 4" of snow overnight, which makes Charlie very happy. He's waiting patiently for Greg to take him for a "romp in the swamp" this afternoon. If Greg can tear himself away from his electro-acoustic music project, the two of them should have a fine time outside.

Freakin' sweet! Fox Television has a new blog for the new season of "Family Guy." It starts January 16 at 9 PM, which means we have to tape it. Chorus practice starts again that day, and I'd have to fly low to get home in time to watch the show "live".

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