Sunday, December 05, 2004

A lick and a promise

Sunday mornings are slow here, and tend to last well into the afternoons. I spent some time updating my Web site to announce this blog and to add a link to Pamela's House of Blues. Tried to update Greg's site as well, but his server's having some problems. I'll try that again later after he works it out with Tech Support.

Tonight the chorale has a rehearsal with the brass quintet who will be performing with us at the concerts next weekend. I've decided to be a good doo-bee and show up. (Big of me, I know.) There's nothing like brass to inject some life into the tired old schlock we have to sing. I missed a public "Messiah" sing on Friday night, though -- bummer. All things are relative, I guess. Plenty of people are tired of "Messiah," but it still beats the crap out of having to sing "Deck the Halls" once again, and trying to make it sound like anything else but an old chestnut roasting on an open fire.

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