Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Merry Kitschmas!

Brought down by the holiday frenzy and the pressure to find just the right thing for every person you ever met, with only 3 shopping days left to go? Relax, cheer up, and check out these links, compliments of my co-workers. I've been laughing all day!

The Twelve Days of Kitschmas


Dave Barry's Holiday Gift Guide (2003 vintage)

Don't forget Archie McPhee, the world's finest purveyor of Devil Duckies, Jolly Roger shower curtains, and cubicle-farm toys that put Playmobil to shame. Don't tell Greg, but I bought him a Beethoven action figure from Archie McPhee as a stocking stuffer. I'd have bought Igor Stravinsky instead, but they haven't made one of him yet!

Really, what bachelor cook or preschooler wouldn't appreciate an Octodog?

I just love this stuff -- it pokes some holes into an otherwise overrated idea of a holiday.

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