Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Concert for the Tsunami Victims

One of the tenors in our chorus maintains the chorale's email list (I keep the one for friends and fans). She just emailed to ask how many people could show up next week to rehearse and then perform with a number of local musical organizations, as a benefit for the tsunami victims. Those are all the details I have right at the minute -- no information on whom the monies go to (the Red Cross, maybe?), what we're singing, or where we're singing... but I'm happy that we'll be doing something.

(I have to admit I'm still feeling a little bruised on the subject of benefit concerts after that incident with the greedy bitch at the food pantry, but I have to stop and remind myself that not all charities behave in such a fashion when you give them money.)

Tomorrow Greg and I (and maybe Charlie) are off to meet friends of his who are visiting from Amsterdam. They've been in this area since before Christmas, but are spending the New Year's holiday in Maine. We'll meet them for dinner along Route 1 someplace. They're dog people whose Sheltie is patiently waiting back in the Netherlands for them, so we may bring Charlie along so they can have a much-needed dog fix.

Greg has finished the fixes he was making to his electro-acoustic music algorithms, and has returned to "real" classical music again. At the moment he's practicing some of his piano pieces, and he spent much of this afternoon revisiting a piece for brass that he was working on before the semester ended.

I don't have much to show for the day, myself. I spent much of it running errands, bopping around Home Depot in search of circline light bulbs and weather-stripping for the garage door, and I had a facial.

(Every month or so, I can count on an hour and a half when all I do is chill out in a room with no telephones or other machines. The only thing expected of me is to lie still while the esthetician slathers nice-smelling stuff on my face and wraps my hands in warm mitts so I can't use them for anything. I don't really do this for my skin. I do it for my sanity.)


Pirate said...

My sanity is my every-5-weeks hair coloring, but my hairdresser is somewhat insane, so I don't know how that works, exactly.

My new sanity may simply be to play my piano (or even just run my fingers over it).

No plans for the next few days. A bit of tutoring tomorrow and a VERY quiet weekend before things gear up again.

CrackerSnacker said...

Thats awesome your going to have a concert for those effected, Blogdog needs time for herself too :) hope everything is great and goes great when you meet up with your friends..Give Charlie a big lick for me :)