Saturday, January 01, 2005

Just one more day of vacation

At the beginning, my vacation week stretched out in front of me all the way to infinity. Sure, there'd be the usual necessary interruptions for the holidays, but there in that week loomed huge chunks of free time for me, me, me!

That was theory. This is practice.

Not that I haven't managed to complete at least some of the items on my to-do list from the day after Christmas. I did complete and photograph the felted purse, finish my sister's scarf, and hang out in Portland on Thursday (well, not exactly "hang." Greg and I visited the Portland Museum of Art and the art gallery at the University of New England's Westbrook campus). I skimmed Vogue Knitting from cover to cover, and am looking for a nice big chunk of time to devote to actual reading. Likewise, I did start pricing DVD recorders when a few showed up in the Best Buy sale flyer yesterday.

About the one thing I didn't do is frog my "World Series" afghan. This afghan doesn't really have anything to do with baseball, except that I started it during the World Series and got so excited during the games that I made a bazillion mistakes. Ah, well... that will get redone at some point between now and opening day at Fenway.

Greg and I change the water in the hot tub every three months, give or take a few days. Usually, the end-of-December change is particularly difficult because the weather's brutally cold, and the water has to keep flowing quickly enough so it doesn't freeze upon exiting the hose. Today is an uncharacteristically warm day for January in Maine: it's almost 50 degrees out, and for a while the sun room (where the hot tub lives) was warmer with the door open than the rest of the house was. Once the tub is full again, we won't have to hassle with this process until April Fool's Day.

The rest of today will probably pass uneventfully. Everywhere I look around the house, there's some task that needs doing or some surface that needs cleaning. I need to stop blogging for the moment and pay attention to some of those, and by evening I'll feel like a real Spartan for having gotten some work done.

More later? We shall see. I'd rather be knitting than scrubbing, but it's time to do something.


Pirate said...

What does "frog" mean? And what's the best way to learn knitting? I have been inspired, both by you and by one of my students, who knit me a scarf for Christmas! I actually have done some knitting, but I've never actually finished anything. My mother taught me, though being German our knitting looks a lot different from the way "North Americans" knit. There appears to be such movement of the needles in the North American way. Does it transfer? Is it the same? Could I use any pattern? Where does one begin? And courses are likely out of the question, as I have no time. I'd have to teach myself.

Happy new year, blogdog. Glad I found you.

Pirate said...

Ooh, I'm glad to hear I (kinda) know the "good" way. Just got out of the shower and my wet hair is soaking into my t-shirt, so should go dry it. My Avon lady is expected within the hour with goodies for me. Told my parents today that I bought the piano. I thought they'd freak, but no! They congratulated me and said they were happy for me. Just when you thought you knew a person ...

And since M & D are coming out in under a month, it'll give me a chance to get the book you recommend, look at a pattern or project or two, and then get Mom's help when she's here. Woo-hoo! All things are looking good.

CrackerSnacker said...

Karen off topic...Could you check my site and see if my temporary banner is coming is black and yellow and is near the top. I have had my mother checking from her work computer and says she cannot see would be greatly appreciated thanks.