Sunday, January 23, 2005

60 shopping days till the vernal equinox!

We're in the midst of our first respectably-sized snowstorm of the year. Last night it qualified as a blizzard, with huge gusts of wind that howled around the corners of the house all night long, and upwards of two feet of snow to greet us this morning.

Even Charlie, the Abominable Snowdog, appeared surprised by the sheer volume of snow. When Greg ventured outside to look for the Sunday paper this morning, Charlie followed him out the front door. He stepped off the front step to the ground, and looked about as surprised as a dog could look when the snow came up almost to his chin, and he was unable to lift his leg. He has since recovered from that shock, however, and is busy tunneling through the snowdrifts in the backyard.

The timing of this storm isn't exactly the best, since Greg and I were hoping to combat cabin fever by heading out to Portsmouth or Portland for my birthday meal and a museum visit. Needless to say, we've opted to leave the streets to the plow trucks and the maniacs. I believe I'll take my friend Pam's advice and spend the day knitting.

As long as the weather holds on the days we leave for New Orleans and when we return, I promise not to complain. Much.

Hey, everybody: Go to Pam's blog and email her to update it! She is an amazing, awe-inspiring knitter and quilter (having done both since before she could walk, I think) and has two handsome blue Beardie boys.

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