Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Snow and other four-letter words

It's said that the Eskimos (more properly, the Inuit) have over 200 words to describe snow. I have at least a dozen myself, and none of them are fit for a family blog.

Mother Nature is messing with our heads. After the snowstorm this past weekend, we've had a few more snow showers, and another snowstorm today. I tell you, I can not leave for New Orleans soon enough! The weather forecast says it'll rain there for most of the weekend, but no matter. It'll be 70 degrees, and we won't have to shovel anything.

We leave tomorrow morning, and will be there until the morning of the 31st (unless another frickin' snowstorm comes through and strands us someplace). I'll try to sneak into an Internet cafe every so often to update my blog, but no promises. I might be too busy catching beads and snarfing down gumbo.

Thanks to the last snowstorm, we ended up celebrating my birthday on Monday. Since it was the actual day anyway, we didn't consider it a big loss... but there's only so much you can do on a "school night" in January anyway. We went to Grissini, an absolutely wonderful Italian restaurant in Kennebunk Lower Village, and we basked next to the fireplace while practically swooning with delight over the dinner. We might just have found our new favorite restaurant.

News flash: I said it was snowing outside again, right? I swear I just saw a big, plump robin sitting right outside my window in the pine tree. Either it was a red-breasted illusion and I'm a terrible bird-watcher, or someone out there is really, really mad at the weather forecasters right about now.

Poor Greg has been valiantly trying to attend his classes this week, but Mother Nature's had an opinion about that, too. He was supposed to met with Lukas Foss (his composition professor this semester) on Monday, but the weekend's snowstorm made sure that Lukas couldn't get a shuttle flight out of NYC to Logan for class. The class was then rescheduled till today, and BU has just cancelled the remainder of today's classes. Since we'll be returning from New Orleans next Monday, this means that the earliest Greg and Lukas will meet will be February 7... unless the weather intervenes yet again.


Pirate said...

It's a funny thing about snow. It's so pretty at the beginning of the season and then slowly but surely you start to go, ah, enough already! With our very LONG winters, we get that feeling about March. Our residential sidestreets stay snow covered from about October to April.

Have fun on your holiday! Been so busy I didn't have a chance to give you a happy farewell send-off before your leaving. We'll miss you while you're gone.

drainbrain said...

wish we had snow. first we had 3 days of 35c+ now we have next 3 days or so 30c plus thunder storms, so we have beautiful humidity and no sleep. i am a very sweaty, tired and sticky drainbrain. :-(

Sharon said...

You must think positively, Karen. Imagine it's Monday morning, and the weather report from the northern climes is so awful, that your flight out from NO is cancelled because it can't get to your connecting city. It looks like it will be 3 days before you can get home, at the earliest. You simply must kill time in New Orleans for another 3 days. You poor thing.