Thursday, January 06, 2005

Snow business like snow business

Well, it's my fault. Another Beardie buddy in Chicago and I were emailing back and forth yesterday, and she was bemoaning the fact that Chicago hadn't had any decent snow to speak of. Just for chuckles, I emailed a third friend in Omaha to ask her whether she could divert any of the Omaha storm toward Chicago. (Our friend in Omaha was a weather officer in the Air Force before she retired. I thought I was being funny.)

Sometimes you do get what you ask for, and more. Now Chicago's getting snowed on, and as a bonus, so are we. We have about 4" already, and Charlie couldn't be happier. He comes in only long enough for the previous layer of snow to thaw off his coat before barking to be let back outside. That dog was a husky in a previous life, or maybe a polar bear.


At least this sort of weather makes a fine backdrop and inspiration for knitting. My first act was to acquire three skeins of Kureyon for a Booga Bag. I've also started another small felted bag from Felted Knits in red Lamb's Pride to show off Val's buttons (she sent me two sheep and two Beardies -- photos will follow as I use each one).

My college classmate in LA sent me four balls of grape-purple Sirdar Wow!, so I'm making her a scarf with the stuff. A lot of knitters have warned about chenille yarn's tendency to worm, but thus far I've been very gentle and very lucky with this stuff, and it hasn't misbehaved yet. It isn't really chenille so much as it is velveteen, so I worry more about crushing the pile.

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