Friday, January 14, 2005

"Spamalot" and the Return of Elvis

One of my college classmates lives and works in LA, and sends me emails about some of the funnier things going on in the world of entertainment. Today, she mentioned that the musical "Spamalot" was opening in NYC on February 14, and that its pre-Broadway run in Chicago was extremely well received. (Go see the site. It's hysterical!) Best of all, David Hyde Pierce and Tim Curry are in the cast.

Maybe it's because I belong to a community chorus and sing far too many tired medleys of moldy show tunes at Pops concerts, but I just wince whenever I hear about some other tired, wretched, old musical re-opening on Broadway. Sure as anything, if the old cliche ends up selling enough tickets, we'll have to sing a medley of its most memorable, miserable melodies at a bazillion Pops concerts that year.

This is one musical that won't make me wince -- as a Python fan of many years' standing, I might actually have to go see it, if the show ever makes its way to Boston. There's also something particularly satisfying about the idea of our chorus having to sing "We are the knights of Camelot/We eat ham and jam and Spam a lot..." instead of having to dust off "Cats" or "Les Mis" yet again.

Hunka Hunka Birthday Fun

My birthday isn't until the 24th, but the aforementioned college friend is early for everything. Last night I received my birthday package, and it contained a set of fetching Elvis fridge magnets, plus a "Viva Las Vegas" T-shirt that would make Drainy positively chartreuse with envy, if she weren't headed to Vegas to buy her own. The Cult of Elvis goes on!

And Oh Yeah, Knitting

I haven't made a lot of progress on the knitting front this week. I've started a lot of stuff, but haven't had much time to myself to get much farther along than that. This weekend is a long weekend due to the Monday holiday, so maybe I can make a little headway before the work week drags me back again. I finished the Sirdar Wow! scarf and actually like it very much -- it weighs a ton in garter stitch, and will be mighty cozy. It's on its way to LA right now, along with the pink felted purse.

The same friend bought a few balls of turquoise Fancy Fur, and I'm nearly done with another scarf for her. It's fun stuff.

I've also started another small purse for felting, this one in red Lamb's Pride worsted. This time, I'm going to use one of Val's buttons as a closure. I'm just not sure yet whether it'll be a Beardie or a sheep button. Maybe I'll photograph them both with the finished bag and let you folks decide.

One More Thing!

Today is Piano Day at Pirate's house. Congratulations, Pirate! I wouldn't blame you if you spent more time playing than blogging for a while.

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Pirate said...

Oh, that is so sweet!!!! Yes. I played my piano today. It's in the store still and tomorrow afternoon they deliver it. It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! It has such a lovely sound. I'm just all at sixes and sevens over it. I don't know whether to laugh or cry, I'm so excited. Yeah, there may not be a lot of blogging for a while, but we'll see. I think I am in shock. It still hasn't sunk in.