Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Keeping Up with the Knitting Joneses

Like a lot of other knitbloggers, I have my roster of favorite knitblogs to read. Some appear in my blogroll, some are syndicated through My Yahoo! or Bloglines, and some I try to catch up with occasionally, when I have time left after reading all the other ones and (heaven forfend) updating my own blog.

Ah, the things my fellow knitters have been getting up to! Knit-alongs! Sock exchanges! The Clapotis scarf from Knitty! Knit Kersti for me! Sometimes it makes me feel like the littlest kid on the block, the one who always wants to go out and play with all the bigger kids because their games always look so much cooler than mine... only I'm not big enough yet to keep up with them. Some days I'm lucky to get a couple of rows into another fuzzy garter-stitch scarf; I knit so many of them because I can do them in the semi-darkness in front of the tube, in the hour or so a day that I don't have to do something else.

It makes me want to take a knit vacation someplace quiet, someplace where I have the time and the peace to think about doing fancier stuff - and to concentrate on what I'm doing. There's a poor half-frogged afghan lying around here that's a tangled testament to why I should never knit when the Red Sox are winning.

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drainbrain said...

hi blogdog, sorry it's taken a while to get back to you.
yes.. we are actually heading over to las vegas to get married in may this year and are going to go the whole hog, Elvis style. In the package we are getting, we also get a vegas showgirl, she just stands and looks pretty i guess. but i can't wait! it'll be so much fun. if you want to see which one we are doing, check out www.vivalasvegas.com and click on elvis packages, then elvis vegas , i think it is called. pictures will definatley be up on the net for all to laugh and point at afterwards :-)