Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Now I've Gone and Done It

Today just seemed to be the right day to start looking for another . I've sent an email to my friend Gill in Wales and asked her about a . Gill replied that she was planning to breed one of her brown girls next week to a stunning dark brown boy. If all goes well, the sound of little brown puppy feet will be thundering around the place in early June. She is also planning a litter sometime this year with one of her lovely dark slate girls. She may have picked out a dad already, but if so, I don't know who he is. She might repeat the last breeding she had, which was with an outstanding slate boy. We shall see. This means I'll be planning a trip to Wales for sometime this year!

I've always liked her dogs and her lines; her dogs come from some of the old English Beardies whom I've admired for so many years. Some appear in Duncan's and Doogie's pedigrees, and some others in Charlie's.

I also sent word to my friend Jane, who maintains the list of available dogs for rehoming, that I'd be interested in a good-natured adult if one should come along. I myself am used to rehabbing rescue dogs, but I want Greg's first new Beardie to be an "easy" dog.

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Pirate said...

Good luck on your puppy search. I envy you that get to fly off to Wales. I have never been to any part of the UK but I think my sensibilities are such that I would love it. I was born in Germany and have only been back to Europe once since we moved to Canada. I'm not much of a traveller, but sometimes I wish I travelled a bit more. Congrats to Greg, btw, on his new gig! That's terrific!