Saturday, April 02, 2005

I Always Knew He Was a Prince

A couple of nights ago, Greg tried out for a local production of Sondheim's Into the Woods. Our local performing arts organization is putting this on as our annual summer musical. Anyway, the director was tickled that he'd come to try out and very much liked his singing (he's never tried out for one of our productions before). She might even cast him as the Prince. She tends to post her castings fairly quickly after the auditions are over, so Greg will probably know within the week about his part.

No, I've never been in one of those musicals -- I'm not a very strong singer, even though I can act -- but I usually work at the performances, handing out programs and taking tickets at the door. I'll probably do the same job this year, unless I'm needed elsewhere.

Thanks to everybody who has been to visit Greg's Web site from the link on my blog. I receive the monthly hit reports from our ISP, and there have been quite a few visitors from here this past month. As the site developer, it always tickles me when people like to visit my work.

Of course I'm not even faintly biased, but Greg's a wonderfully bright, creative guy and a thoughtful with a number of beautiful pieces to his credit, and even more good ideas for more works. I promise to get after him for more content for the site, including more MP3s of his more recent . Thanks again for visiting!

Only a Little Doggie News

As someone who does , I felt it only right to put in an inquiry with my rescue buddies for a gently used rescue . My friend Barbara, who is the New England head of Beardie Rescue, said she'd put us at the top of her list.

It would be nice to bring a rescue into the house. Not only would it help to give a home to a needy dog, but Charlie would have another adult dogger in the house to play with. I do still plan to bring over a puppy from Wales, but that wouldn't happen for several months at the earliest.

Gill reports that Menna, her brown girl, isn't quite ready for her dream date with Prophet, but she'll probably be ready in a few more days. If all goes well, I should be visiting Wales in August sometime to bring home a wiggly little brown souvenir.

Nothing on earth is as cute as a , although Golden Retriever puppies come awfully close. I'll dig up one of Charlie's puppy photos and upload it later (I'm on the VPN right now, so the Blogger Upload feature won't cooperate).

Not Much Knitting News, Either

I haven't had much chance to in the past few days, though I'm almost done with the rounds on the felted tote bag. I should be able to finish it this weekend, and maybe even felt it! I've been saving the little red bag for for a while, in the hopes that I'd be able to felt more than one piece at a time. I still don't have enough work completed to justify filling the washer, so I will probably do both by hand.

Donna has been getting ready to start her Fletcher sweater, and has made it through the gauge swatch stage. Mine was too tight, so I needed to acquire a couple of larger circulars and start again. If I'm truly lucky and have lots of time this weekend, I might even get that far. I'd sure like to be able to wear that sweater this year.

I even picked up a drop spindle on eBay, though I'd like to use the nice roving that Pam gave me for needle felting. The white and gray are perfect colors for the sheep motif I'm putting on the felted tote bag when it's done.

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