Thursday, March 24, 2005

Hello from Silicon Valley

I'm in Newark, California today, blogging from my cushy hotel room across the street from the Sun building where I'll be working for the next couple of days. We're here for two days of training -- more opinions about that part later. A bunch of my colleagues, some of whom I email every day but have never actually met, are here. I met a few of them (plus two I know well) in the lobby last night, but I was so pie-eyed from exhaustion that I declined an invitation to stay and enjoy a cocktail. I'll enjoy coffee with them this morning instead.

One of my Boston-based colleagues is a definite shoo-in for the Liars' Contest -- no one can tell a tall tale like this guy can. He told all my colleagues that I wear a horned helmet and dress in animal skins. Of course they got the joke, but every single one has been asking for the helmet. I should've brought the purple-and-gold velour one I bought at Mardi Gras.

Last night I met a couple of long-time Beardie buddies in Palo Alto for a Vietnamese dinner and much catching-up. They have an adorable 6-month-old Beardie girl who is just a happy little bag of wiggles. I collected as many sweet puppy kisses as I could, but she was wiggling so much she often missed my face completely.

I'll be catching up with three more Beardie friends tonight up in Oakland. It's a bit of a hike just for dinner, but one friend is coming down from Sacramento, so we agreed to split the difference and meet in the middle. I don't think any dogs are coming along, since all of us have to put in a full work day today, but we'll always have pictures.

Hi ho, hi ho... it's off to two days of compulsory training I go. More anon.

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Pirate said...

Nice to hear what you're up to. Sunny California, indeed. The snow has finally stopped and a hint of spring appears to be in the air finally. Enjoy your stay and we'll chat soon.