Saturday, March 05, 2005

On the Wish List: More Time to Knit

Has anybody seen blogs where people have posted Wish Lists in the hope that random strangers will buy them stuff? I wonder how well that works as a gift-soliciting strategy.

If I had such a list, it would probably have Free Time right at the top. Here's one of life's great mysteries: How is it that even though I work at home most of the time, I have only as much as (or less free time than) I did when I was doing the long commute every single day? I still spend much more time thinking about knitting, or buying stuff to knit, than doing actual knitting.

I haven't started Fletcher yet, but I have gone back over the instructions and figure that if I can get it started here at home, I'll have many pleasant hours of simple knitting while I'm on the plane to San Francisco, and more of the same on the trip back. One of the things I used to love about traveling to the Bay Area on business was that it guaranteed me twelve hours per trip of time to myself. I used to get so much needlework done on planes! One of the samplers I stitched while in the air hangs in my office at work. I'd have to check the diary portion of my inventory software Organized Expressions and try to figure out what coincided with my "bicoastal commute" period between 1997 and 2001.

As soon as the last session ends on Friday, I'm hopping the shuttle from SFO to LAX to spend most of the weekend with one of my college classmates. I fly back on Easter Sunday, which is kind of a bummer, but Greg has a gig that day anyway... so we had no big holiday plans ourselves. I'll pick him up some Easter candy at See's and make him something fabulous for an Easter Monday meal. (Oh yes, I plan to take Monday off. I'll land back in Boston at 10:30 Sunday night, and will still have a two-hour drive home to Maine.)

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