Sunday, April 24, 2005

A sense of accomplishment

Well, I've finally finished something. I'm done with the knitting and finishing for the felted tote bag; now all I have to do is get it felted and it'll be ready for needlefelting. Yee ha! Now Donna won't have to despair of me; I'm starting my Fletcher sweater and doing my best to catch up.

I've also lost 4 pounds -- not enough for more yarn just yet, but I'll get there. I'll have to delay that particular gratification for a while, though -- tomorrow I have to get ready to spend Tuesday and Wednesday in Boston, and then to scramble madly through the rest of the week.

Rehearsal went very well tonight, I'm glad to say. The chamber orchestra joined us tonight, and we sounded wonderful. We have one more rehearsal on Friday, and then -- On with the show, this is it...

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Pirate said...

Just wanted you to know I'm alive! Your blogging is as infrequent as mine. Congrats on the four pounds. I may have found them (on my hips).