Monday, April 11, 2005

And Now, the Wait Begins

Gill, the breeder of my future puppy, emailed today to say that her girl Menna and the handsome Rudi had their dream date last Tuesday. Now all we can do is to wait and hope that it "took." If it did, then June 7 is the approximate day when the pitter-patter of little Beardie paws will be heard around Gill's house. As soon as we're sure that there will be puppies, I should start looking into flights to Manchester for the first or second week of August.

I'm really excited! Little Player-To-Be-Named-Later will be the first puppy we've had in this household since Charlie's brown self back in 1997. Greg's never had a puppy, though he's raised his share of kittens. He's never known the sweetness of puppy breath. Granted, he's never had the pleasure of 3 AM "pooper patrol" either, but you have to give some to get some.

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Pirate said...

Around this house, it's me who has the pleasure of the 3 a.m. poop patrol. Mr. P can sleep through anything; even should he wake up, he'd likely say something like, "Oh, he'll be alright," and then promptly be snoring again ...