Sunday, February 13, 2005

A little now, more later

Wouldn't you just know it? We were lucky enough to have been able to stay warm and well-lit all during the snowstorm, but yesterday, when there wasn't a climate disturbance to be seen anyplace, the power went out for several hours.

I wasn't here when it happened -- I was off helping a friend set up for our chorus's annual Valentine's Day musical event, and then had an appointment -- but Greg was here and nursing his rotten cold. No sooner did I arrive home with battery lanterns from Home Depot than the lights came back on... so now we're warm and well-lit again, plus we have backup lighting for the next time.

The wireless router seems to have suffered from the latest power outage, though. I tried to revive it, but it's very dead. (Yes, it was plugged into a surge suppressor.) Fortunately, the company says it's still under warranty, so off it goes on Monday for replacement.

Tonight the full chorus meets for its first rehearsal of the season (not counting the tsunami-concert rehearsals and performance). We didn't get enough grant money to be able to hire the orchestra for Verdi's Requiem, so we'll probably be doing the John Rutter Magnificat and Requiem instead -- perhaps with other Rutter pieces as well. We'll all find out this evening.

Greg has been working away at multiple pieces at once. His Pavane-Galliard for Harp is a grad school assignment, and he'll even have it played tomorrow if he's feeling well enough to attend class. The instructor brings in instrumentalists to the classes, so the composers can hear their pieces played "live" right in class -- a pretty neat idea!

He has also been busy printing and sending parts for his wind quartet (Double Fugue in One Movement, I think) to the instrumentalists who will be playing it in a concert later this spring. He has also been working on a larger orchestral work called River. He's contemplating switching composition software, so he's been importing a lot of his works in progress into the new package. Once they're there, he can't help but go over them again. A lot of his pieces have been getting attention this way, so he'll probably finish many of them fairly soon.

Unfortunately, the untimely death of the router has us down to one working Ethernet connection between us, so my computer is the only one that can access the Internet. This will be an inconvenience until the replacement router arrives.

Valentine's Day on the installment plan

We've been celebrating Valentine's Day in bits and pieces this weekend, since we'll both be gone on Monday for most of the day. We had our celebratory dinner on Friday night at our favorite place, and it was magnificent as always. It was just nice to dress up in girl clothes and go have a grown-up meal (which I didn't have to make) for a change!

After the power came back on last night, we were able to exchange gifts. I'd actually bought his gift already -- a battery for his iBook (hey, it may be boring, but it still beats ties and socks!). He bought me a model of Fenway Park, complete with working ballpark lights. (I'm a third-generation Red Sox fan; what can I say?) We have nothing against the whole flowers-and-wine stuff -- we both love flowers and wine -- but we're pretty informal people. I'll be off singing tonight, and he'll no doubt still be composing when I get home.

There's so much more catching up to do (I got a great price on the Noro Iro for my Fletcher sweater on eBay!), but it'll have to wait a little longer. More later!

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