Sunday, February 20, 2005

I'm a wiener!

Wow -- I never win anything from knitblog contests. People give away the nicest prizes, but somehow my name stays at the bottom of the fishbowl when the little paper slips with names get picked.

Well, I'm happy to announce that my perfect streak has been broken. Thanks to Lisa from blogdogblog, who visits here occasionally, I'm a wiener -- well, actually, she has wieners and I'm a winner. Wow! Thanks, Lisa! I really appreciate it! (Go see Lisa's dachshund -- wiener dog --pictures. She has three very cute black-and-tan longhairs. She also does an amazing amount of charity knitting for the homeless.)

What did I do to achieve such an honor? I came up with a caption for a Dachshund photo, and my entry was kind of lame... but it was based on true-life adventures here with the Beardie Bunch. Anyway, Lisa awarded everybody some sock yarn for their entries. (I would love to have a sock yarn stash so big that giving out 30+ prizes wouldn't even make a dent!)

Not that I've been making huge progress in the knitting department, unless you want to count the mercantile-therapy side. I went to the LYS yesterday to inquire about the multiple skeins of Lamb's Pride I need for a couple of tote bags. It wasn't in -- apparently those poor folks at Brown Sheep had their roof collapse on them this winter, so they're still catching up. No matter; I happened to see some hand-dyed wool in DK weight from two local spinners in my home town. It was purple; I had to have it. What for? Don't ask. (I don't know yet, but it sure is pretty.)

I have been making some progress on the Lion Brand Warm Winter Poncho, and have completed a couple of "idiot knitting" garter-stitch eyelash scarves. I have reached the point where I can do garter stitch in the dark, though I still have to look down when doing anything involving purling. "Idiot knitting" is the kind of knitting you do when you're watching a movie in a darkened room, or when you want to knit, but your mind just wants to rest. In the 5 minutes per day that I have to myself, that's the sort of knitting I get to do. I inflict most of my scarves on family and friends, but I'm considering saving some for the New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue annual auction.

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Pirate said...

Sorry haven't visited for a few days, Karen. I sympathize with your having all of five minutes a day to yourself. Some days it feels like that around here, too, though this weekend is a long weekend and I've managed to get in lots of rest and relaxation.

Congratulations on being a weiner! I see from your posts that you haven't had a lot of time either. Did you get your router problem fixed?

We have had no signs of spring here, other than the gradual warming/ thaw/ melting/ freezing/ snowing that seems to accompany every February/ March / April until things dry out in May. I am eagerly awaiting the appearance of the first robin, who made a next in the bushes outside our family room window last year. Crossing my fingers that they'll be back.