Monday, February 14, 2005

A good day to give in to lust

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! In our household, it's another Monday. We did our celebrating over the weekend, knowing that today would be another long work/school day. Greg's still on the train home, and it's started to snow again. He'll have to take it very easy on the drive back, and I'll have to plop him into the hot tub with a glass of screech-and-OJ for a good long while to thaw him out, poor baby.

Anyway, I did give in to unbridled yarn lust. I bid on eBay on 10 hanks of that luscious Noro Iro that I need to knit into that gorgeous Fletcher sweater from the Simply Noro book. I suppose I should have jumped into the Valentine's thing feet-first and bid on the red (#9) colorway shown in the book and on the shop model, but I picked the blue/pink/purple/black colorway (#16) instead -- it's more me, and will coordinate with all of the pink and purple stuff in my closet. All things considered, the final auction price was a bargain, even with shipping. I'm not sure I could have plunked down the full price for that many hanks of yarn without weeping just a little.

A friend at work in one of our California offices sent me a Snapfish album full of pictures from Stitches West, just to make me feel even more jealous. She was in better control of her wallet than I would have been, purchasing only a few different quantities of hand-dyed roving for spinning.

The Only Beauty Pageant Worth Watching

Tonight and tomorrow night, the USA Network broadcasts the group and Best In Show competitions from the Westminster Dog Show. Since "One Man and His Dog" is no longer broadcast on the BBC America channel, this is about the only sports event that I watch every single year, no matter who wins. (The USA Network Web site even has streaming video of the breed judging -- how cool is that?! You can bet I'll be watching the Beardie judging tomorrow, no matter what!)

Fans of the movie "Best In Show" will recognize Westminster as being the big dog show lampooned in the movie, and the more you know about the show, the types of personalities involved, and the network broadcast, the funnier the movie is. Fred Willard's performance as the Joe Garagiola manque is abso-freakin'-lutely hilarious, not to mention dead-on. It's only because of Fred Willard's impression of him that I'll miss Joe Garagiola's wildly clueless commentary in the real thing. Garagiola was as qualified to do color work for dog shows as he would have been for, well, anything else that wasn't baseball. (Yankees suck!)


Anonymous said...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
But a basket of Noro
Shows love that is true.

Glad to hear your lust was slated. :)

Sharon (knitknacks)

Pirate said...

Oh, I'm going to miss the Westminster Kennel Club dog show (see my current post for more on tvs and such things). Yes, I watched it every year, too. Oh well. You're right, it is the only beauty pageant worth watching.

That's weird. Two days in a row now somebody recommended the movie "Best in Show". Mr. P and I will have to rent it.

We are getting more snow this weekend, too. Right about now, even though you may love snow, you begin to say to yourself, okay, spring. Any time now.

Still, with spring comes summer and, eventually, bugs!!! I hate bugs. Mosquitoes (they love me), flies, etc. Nasty things put on earth to torment humans, I'm sure.