Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Today's Dose of Spam-Ku

Oh, the spam catcher has snared some goodies for me today! Try this one on:

Is believe no manicurist skulduggery
as play your occidental
It think in acrostic anyhow

(How do they come up with this stuff?)

Do take do manual mistrial
yes moraine while chill keep
And stand he purplish

(wasn't that a verse from some psychedelic song from the '60s?)

Of believe by modulate accord
do worry be domed myth
was know in premiere

1 comment:

YarnBotanika said...

Karen! This is so funny! Do you remember me? How could you forget as you helped me give Bailie his first bath!! I can't believe you have a knitting blog. I saw you somewhere (I think on sexyknitters) and I just opened your blog and it was YOU!! I have a photo of Bailieboy on my blog!! Drop me a note at bailieboy still at the big yucky company!!