Sunday, November 27, 2005


If your email program has a spam-catcher, you've probably dug through it to retrieve any legitimate emails that might have become trapped with all of the waste. Perhaps you've noticed the subject lines of some of the bogus emails -- not just the ones proclaiming the best prices on all-natural Viagra substitutes and Rolex watches, but also the ones with the long strings of poetic, but nonsensical, words. Those subject lines were designed to circumvent any email filters you might have set up to trash emails entitled "Viagra" and "Rolex."

Anyway, there's a curiously poetic nature to some of those nonsense email subjects. If you combine some of them together, you can produce... spam-ku!

Here's a gem from this morning's captured spams:

burglary cretaceous
of fall no distant flashgun
professional fullback

It doesn't make any sense, but it sure sounds pretty. I even received one that rhymed today:

Loose your shirt, To say them hurt

Yeah, I'll say.

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Barbara W. Klaser said...

Now I know you're an optimist, if you can manage to have fun with spam. :)