Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Beardie Bounce!

This past weekend, the boys and I took Greg to his very first Beardie Bounce, compliments of the Minuteman Bearded Collie Club.

Guess who got to play Santa Claus:

Greg's never had the chance to see about 20 Beardies all running around together, coats flowing, exhibiting the world-famous Beardie Bounce. After an afternoon with Beardies of all ages and colors, I daresay he came home even more smitten with the breed than he was when he went.

Seamus continues to do magnificently in Rally-O class. Judy, our wonderful instructor, says that if I can break some of my bad handling habits (tight leashes being the worst), we could enter Novice right out of class and do well. Because rally events fill up so quickly, she encouraged all of us in class to start looking for events in late winter and to sign up for them as soon as they open.

It turns out that I have to enter in Novice B, which doesn't make me happy. I co-owned a dog with a CD once (dear sweet Cadence, the original Mister Handsome), so even though I didn't put the CD on him, I still have to enter in B as though I had. GREAT. I'm a pass-fail kind of student in a class full of kids who want to get good grades.

Still, we'll be ready when that moment arrives. Seamus's AKC registration came back this week, so he now is a legal citizen of AKC events.

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