Sunday, March 12, 2006

Best in Show?

Well, yeah -- if the show is Mud Wrestling with the Stars.

Welcome to Maine's infamous fifth season: Mud. It's what we have everywhere when it's too warm for snow and too soon for grass. Last summer, we had some topsoil brought in to level the side yard and backyard, and to fill up Charlie's archaelogical projects from last year. Unfortunately, the frost came too soon for us to be able to seed, so all we have out there now is mud, glorious mud. Charlie has even dug himself a nice "buffalo wallow" and likes to lie down in his nice big mud puddle. Better still, he's taught the little princess how to appreciate a good topsoil. I am soooooo buying rolls of turf for that yard this year -- grass seed doesn't stand a chance.

There are signs of hope, though. Sap buckets have sprouted on the sugar maples up and down our street (and someone put a couple of taps and buckets on a telephone pole -- I hope that was meant as a joke!). is March 25 this year, and fortunately that day doesn't coincide with Easter (as it did last year).

I wish I had more news to report, but the truth is, I'm boring. It's deadline time in the word mines, which means I've been trapped at work for 16-hour days for the past couple of weeks. My next deadline is the Ides of March, and then I'm only back to going crazy on one project until that one ships in mid-May. You can bet I'm running up the comp time; it'll come in handy for a few Friday dog shows and a yarn expedition here and there.

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Dale Wilde said...

I can relate to the mud problems...we used to have off-white carpets, which are now dingy brown. No amount of steam cleaning will even make a dent in this season of mud.

Good luck with the dealines!

YarnBotanika said...

How can you handle the beardies in that mud!! I could never deal with that!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pamela said...

So, I guess the Mud Princess can join the boys (after their deceased lifeform romp on the beach) in front of the local movie emporium so as to demo to those coming out of the Disney's latest triumph what a true Beardie looks (and smells) like! You show 'em Dinah! Nonsense would have loved to join Charlie in the wallow -- he would have taught them all the joys of splashing with both forelegs so as to splatter all within reach.
P and the wild boys

Barbara W. Klaser said...

If they made galoshes for doggies, would she wear them? ;)