Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow Day

Sundays are usually pretty busy for us. Greg plays at two services on Sundays, and Seamus and I have rally class -- which we love, but it means we don't get to goof around much on Sunday mornings.

Anyway, it's snowing right now. Much as the weather gets in the way sometimes, it also forces us to kick back and relax when we had other plans. Since class and church services were cancelled, we're having the sort of Sunday often we wish we had: leisurely. Greg's improvising at the piano -- unusual for him, since he almost always composes on the computer. I plan to knit once I'm done with the blog for today, but there are a few different project clamoring for attention today, and I'm not sure which one(s) to pick up.

I did get outside with the puppies earlier this morning for a romp in the snow. Here's Charlie, King of All He Surveys...

Dinah, Puppy Princess, strikes a pose...

...before she pounces on Seamus!

All three puppers have to get in on the act!

We don't get days off like this often, so we have to go enjoy the time while we have it! Enjoy your Sunday, all!

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Barbara W. Klaser said...

Looks like fun--although it's easy to forget how cold it is when I'm just looking at pictures. Stay warm, and enjoy your snow day.