Sunday, February 19, 2006

My, How She's Growing!

A few shots of Dinah-mo at 14 weeks, plus her big brothers. We start Auntie Sue's puppy class next week!

You can see why I named this file "Speedy":

Dinah and Charlie having some fun in last week's snow:

Seamus takes a break from his primary job as Dinah's chew toy and watches Charlie chasing Dinah:


YarnBotanika said...

Gosh she is cute. I don't know HOW you handle so many beardies. I can't handle my ONE. Check out my post from yesterday. Oh and your dinner sounds amazing! YUM. I love good food...So glad you found someone so good for you Karen! Lisa

Barbara W. Klaser said...

Dinah-mo is right. Great pictures.

Pamela said...

A Beardie puppy in ultra-frisky mode on a snowy day is sort of inconceivable! Hope that you are prepared for lots of hairballs and have all the appropriate remedies at hand -- sounds like Seamus is developing bald spots already :) Robbie sends Seamus his condolences and says to to tell Seamus and Charlie that Dinah will start to settle down in about 23 months! Until then, Mom needs to find them a time-out haven in which to hide and regain their oh so dignified older Beardie composure!