Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Demo Doggies

Yesterday, three of us from Seamus's obedience class took part in the Piscataqua Obedience Club's obedience demo at York Days in York. The demo drew quite a crowd, and included a bagpiper to lead all the dogs and their handlers in a parade around the ring.

Once inside, we participated in a number of different exercises, including sit-stays, down-stays, figure eights, and greetings. Club members also performed some more advanced exercises and ran a sample rally obedience course for the crowd.

Greg took some pictures of us while we were performing our part of the exercises...

Seamus and I assume the [heel] position

Dale and the blog-world famous Tucker the Chow demonstrate the "good boy" exercise. Yes, that's Seamus at the far left, getting his eye-boogers removed. That's an obedience exercise, too.

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