Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sunday Morning Slug

Ahh, I love Sunday mornings. Sunday is the one day in the week when I can sleep just a teeny bit later (not counting a couple of sleepwalking trips to the door to let the pups out), and then take my own sweet time to get back into the world.

Greg's off at church, playing for the two Sunday services. Seamus is snoozing under my chair. I'm not exactly sure where Charlie is, but he's probably hanging out in one of his two favorite spots: on the bed or at the top of the stairs. I'm just sipping my coffee and enjoying the quiet.

Snippets of Knitting Progress

Last night I finished the body of my Fletcher sweater and started one of the sleeves. Since this is my first sweater ever, I'm still amazed that I could have knitted all that fabric already and still not be done. Of course, Murphy's Law dictates that I will finish that sweater on the absolute hottest day of the year -- a day so hot that I'll risk heat stroke simply by trying the thing on. No matter; the Iro is a pleasure to knit, and I'll miss it so much when I've finished the sweater that I might have to turn around and find myself another Noro project right away.

Donna emailed to say that she too is working on the sleeves of her Fletcher. She's a much faster knitter than I am, so she's managed to turn out a couple of pairs of socks in the meantime. It still gets cool enough in Calgary at night that she's looking forward to wearing her Fletcher over her T-shirts when it's done.

The yarn diet continues. I've been good about not acquiring more yarn until I reach another 5-pound milestone. The problem is that since it's Deadline Month, I haven't had a chance to do too much to hasten my progress to the next milestone. Work does tend to keep me riveted to the computer for long hours, so I haven't had much time to rummage around in the fridge. On the other hand, I haven't worked out in weeks. I'm counting the moments until my deadlines have all passed, and then I can get back to something resembling a normal routine (including workouts). Having deadlines means that I haven't exactly been storming through my yarn stash and knitting everything in sight, either, so I haven't needed new yarn for new projects. There's only so much you can get done with five minutes of "me time" per day.

Some of my compadres from the DKYD have worked out sophisticated systems of effort and reward: a dollar to spend on yarn for each workout, another dollar for staying on the diet, and so on. That's nifty and I hope it works for 'em, but I'm a writer, not an accountant. Any system that works for me needs to be simple enough so I don't have to keep multiple tallies, or I'll get bored with keeping count and just go to Dairy Queen. I've settled on this strategy: When I make my next five pound loss, I can buy yarn for another project. Until then, no yarn shopping. I can cheat, sure, but that only delays the reward (and forces me to reduce my stash).

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drainbrain said...

hiya, how's things? i haven't been on much lately, slightly busy with the whole wedding thing. vegas was great and elvis says hello. it was very tiring trip as we went to london, brighton and scotland as well. glad to be home though and back in my own bed. haven't seen anything of chris either. his blog just doesn't even show up on my screen.
anyway, must dash... i'm still around just trying to recover for a while.