Thursday, June 02, 2005

And Tonight on Wild Kingdom...

The frogs out in the pond are throwing the rowdiest froggy block party I think I've ever heard. They must be celebrating the fact that it's been so wet here that nothing is in danger of drying up just yet. I've heard from my neighbor who mows my pasture that a painted turtle has moved in to the pond as well, and is busy paddling around out there. I hope he likes frog sing-alongs. Those guys start cranking up the tunes about 2 in the afternoon and go all night!

(Peeper songs are my favorite sound of spring. These guys are welcome to party as long as they want to, and as loudly.)

Rumor has it we also have an albino skunk living in or under the barn. Well, the occasional whiff of skunk pong hasn't exactly been a rumor, but a neighbor who has seen the offending new tenant says that it is indeed an albino. Whatever it is, I hope it moves out soon.

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