Saturday, March 01, 2008

Quiz Time!

What's cold, white, and enormously unwelcome right about now?

A. Karl Rove
B. the heating oil bill
C. last week's leftover mashed potatoes
D. This...

If you answered "D," you get 100%. Answers of "All of the above" are also acceptable.

Yep. We're right in the middle of getting smacked with another 8-12" of the white crap. We've gone beyond the "enough is enough" stage. I'll have to check the papers to be sure, but this latest snow dump has probably pushed our seasonal snowfall over 100". Whatever we have, it probably isn't a statewide record, or even a regional one -- but we're definitely having one of those old-fashioned winters that everybody seems to want so badly until we actually get one. Next thing you know, you'll be hearing about kids walking 6 miles to school every day, uphill both ways, and all of the other things that always seem to have happened "back when I was your age." Well, not my age. You've heard it before, though.

Right about now, there are only two things keeping me going:

1. My tickets to a couple of Spring Training games in Arizona next week (Cubbies at Ho-Ho-Kam! Boo-yeah!)

2. The possibility, however frickin' remote, that we might get one of those old-fashioned springs

Has anybody seen that groundhog? Oh, yeah, that's right. He's buried under 4 feet of snow, like everything else! Anybody for a little groundhog barbecue after this stuff finally melts?


Barbara W. Klaser said...

Hm, I'd welcome leftover mashed potatoes (my mom used to make a delicious breakfast out of them -- as fried potato patties), and I wouldn't mind snow as much as either a heating oil bill or Karl Rove (he's my most unwelcome). But then I haven't been inundated with the cold stuff for months and months like you have.

sue said...

NOW... you be nice to my little groundhog friend!!! he's only the messagener!!! poor little chap, gets the blame for everything!!! he would probably like a "new job" this winter!!! :-)

Sharon said...

Count me in!

Joan said...

It's truly heinous that a Red Sox fan is seeing the Cubbies :)
But on the up side, the clocks spring forward this weekend!