Sunday, January 20, 2008

Finally, a Post That's Mostly About Knitting

Seems like everybody has a Super Bowl Sunday tradition, whether football fan or not. Some folks I know watch the game religiously with a small crowd of like-minded fans, along with with vats of chili and acres of nachos close by. Some watch only the commercials and skip the game itself.

My very favorite Super Bowl Sunday tradition involves cruising the sales at the local yarn and needlework shops. Back when kickoff took place in mid-afternoon, the shops would be full of football widows looking for a little fellow-feeling and 25% off all regularly priced yarns.

Fran and I decided to cruise the discounts at Rosemary's this afternoon and made out pretty well for ourselves. She picked up yarn for a vest she wanted to make, plus some more for hats and a few other articles. I grabbed a few different kinds of abuse-resistant cotton blends to make hats for Greg and some more sock yarn. Rosemary herself is headed for the Stitch & Beach cruise with Debbie Stoller and some other folks this month. Sounds like a grand time to me!

Hat Factory

Greg has been asking for more hats lately, so I've been churning them out asquickly as I possibly can. He mostly wears the original blue Wool-Ease watch cap and loves the green Encore twisted rib watch cap. I have another twisted rib cap on the needles in gray Jeannee, since he requested a cotton hat for warmer weather. In the basket are another ball of Encore (gray) and some Sirdar Denim Aran in a nice brown-and-white tweedy colorway. By the time I'm finished with all of these, The Man's going to have a complete wardrobe of knitted hats in all colors, and for all seasons.

I have to admit that I'm also knitting hats because I've been too out of it to think about challenging knitting, even socks. I messed up something in Jody's second Jawoll sock and ended up frogging the thing back to the start. Somebody breathed on me at a doggie meet-and-greet last weekend, and I've been battling a virus since. I don't really want to touch any of my other UFOs for fear I'll mess them up, too. I've started the gray Jeannee hat, and it's simple enough that even I can't mess it up.

Yeah, Me Too

If you're on , you can find me there now. I'm my3seadogs... no surprise there...

It's not like I really needed another social network presence -- Facebook takes up enough of my time already -- but my invitation came, and how could I say no?

Handsome Guy!

Charlie has been very happy about the snow we've been having lately...

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