Monday, July 02, 2007


Thanks soooo much to for the best, most relaxing afternoon I've had in ages. I feel restored.

Here's the backstory, which you'll probably see in varying versions on , , and this one...

Every year at this time, when Ed goes off to the Speedway to watch the races, Sue throws a Girls' Day Out BBQ and bull session at their camp on Wilson Lake. This year, Kas and her friend Mary joined in, Dale and Val were already in residence at the camp across the street, and Sue's friends Kim and Jeannie also came by. As Kim and I were introduced, Sue mentioned to Kim, "This is Blogdog." Apparently Kim's a reader, and I didn't even know it! (Hi, Kim!)

I don't know whether it was the soothing nature of the lake water, the almost-perfect weather (aside from a couple of momentary sprinkles), all the dogs roaming around looking to be patted/looking for handouts (including Tucker, Sampson, Sue's four Cockers, Kassy's Cocker Charlie, and Sedona the Aussie), the fabulous groaning board of food, or the fact that we were just a bunch of women sitting around toasting s'mores and simply enjoying the day... but for whatever reason, I came home feeling refreshed and better than I've felt in a while. It's magic, I tell you. Thanks again, Sue. You don't know how much good you've done for me.

Whirlwind Tour

Last week, Pam came out to visit for a change in scenery and a chance to visit some of the East Coast's favorite fiber spots. We drove a lot, ate a lot, bought a little, and had tea with Lucy Neatby. We also got to stay a couple of nights at my friend Marilyn's house in Halifax with her 20-month-old adorable Beardie boy Marcus (whom Dinah thinks is pretty cute), pick up some fabulous pink-and-purple flowered wellies on sale at L.L. Bean, and sail home on . In the process, we managed to pay visits to Spunky Eclectic, the Loop Cafe in downtown Halifax, the , the Yarn Basket in Portsmouth, a bunch of the antique stores on Route 1 between Kennebunk and Ogunquit, and even some non-fiber places. Pam taught me how to spin with a drop spindle, though we never really did get to sit down with the wheel. I did learn that my wheel isn't one for beginners -- but Pam put a drive band on it for me anyway.

Marcus loved the gen-yoo-wine BCCME stuffed lobster toy I brought for him. He loved it so much he ran through his backyard agility course without once letting go of it!

Pam has mentioned reviving her blog, and I hope she does so to showcase some of the beautiful photos she took on the trip. Here's just one example (this is Lunenburg Harbor, NS):

And Even Some Knitting

I really, truly, honestly didn't need any more sock yarn, which is why I only bought two skeins of the stuff during the course of our trip. My sister Joyce had taken a shine to a couple of the colorways of yarn (plus, as a vegetarian, she was tickled to be able to wear something made with soy in it) -- so I picked up a ball in Tender Foot, the black/pink/purple/white colorway, and started a pair for her. It knits up in lovely spirals of purple/white "tweed" punctuated with a spiraling "stripe" of black and pink. I'm almost done with the first cuff, and will be turning the heel any time now. This yarn is so cool, I may need to go back and get myself another ball of it (which I also won't need, but which I want). The Tofutsies socks-in-progress accompanied me to Sue's place.

And then there were . When we went out to Dartmouth to visit her, Lucy graciously allowed Pam and me to have the run of her downstairs stockroom. The colors were just such a feast for the eyes that I went into complete overload. It was all I could do to pick out the one skein in Fiery Fuchsia that was my one big souvenir of the trip to the Maritimes. (I am not counting the T-shirts I bought when I discovered I hadn't packed any...)

Oh, and Greg's gray Jawoll socks have enjoyed a bit of a revival of late. Since he was up in Bangor helping a friend move and I had an evening to myself, I turned the heel on the first sock and made it quite a ways down the foot while watching "The Queen" last night. A good time was had by all -- you might even call it Girl's Night In.

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Flymaine said...

That was so much fun! It is always great to hang out, eat S'mores, and knit! Next time I will bring my needles...maybe in August we can do it all again and you can bring the Man! I fully intend to post the events on my Blog, it is just finding the time to get it done.