Friday, June 01, 2007

Mystery Solved!

A while back, I sent the photo of my new spinning wheel. She had offered to identify it, since it came with no distinctive identifying marks, and I was less then zero help when describing it to her over the phone. Heck, I've only just figured out which side of the wheel you're supposed to sit on!

Anyway, Pam reported back a few days ago that she and the members of her spinning guild had examined the photo and come to the conclusion that my new wheel is a handmade knockoff of an Ashford Country Spinner. She said that the other guild members were asking for measurements and all manner of data, and I'll do my best to answer their questions.

Apparently the Spinner is suitable for spinning bulky yarn, and might not serve well as a good first spinning wheel. Pam recommended a few models I could cast around for and try to pick up used. She's bringing her wheel (Lendrum) out with her when she comes to visit, so I'll have a chance to see how these thingamajigs work before I commit a few hundred bucks to a hobby I'm not too sure about just yet.

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