Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My Dogs Are Barkin'!

...and I'm not talking about the Beardies!

As mentioned in her blog, this past weekend was the show. As usual, I ended up wearing several proverbial hats at once: obedience chair for the show, one of the hosts for the BCCME Supported Entry, exhibitor, trash picker... you name it. I swear I've been on my feet for two weeks straight.

The crack squad of stewards from made sure that the obedience and rally trials ran smoothly, and they were most forgiving of a first-time obedience chair whose duties hadn't been explained before the fact. I hope we all get to work together next year just to show them how much I've learned.

The held its first supported entry at the show and lived to tell the tale...

We ate, we drank, we showed, we shopped, and we all went out for lobster after Saturday's show was over. People appeared to have a pretty good time.

Dinah got dumped in the ring both days, as I'll discuss in my later on. That's the biggest bummer about conformation showing: there can only be one winner, and everybody else has to lose. In performance events, everyone can qualify at a trial (at least in theory), so you don't have to go home empty-handed if you didn't get High in Trial.

Like I Needed Another Hobby

The spinning wheel is here! My friend Barbara kindly and graciously drove it all the way to Maine from Maryland when it was obvious that there was no room for it in (or on) my Subaru. She even carefully buckled it into the rear passenger seat so it could safely enjoy the ride.

Pictures are coming, Sue, I promise! The wheel is a vertical type with a single pedal, and it's been painted a soft blue-green. the friend who gave it to me also threw in a baggie full of the loveliest, most perfect roving to get started with.


sue said...

for the record... you would never have known that Karen wasn't an expert in the obedience chair position.... you did a beautiful job, and handled all your positions with grace and ease... congratulations... job well done, but I bet you are glad its over..... I am using your blog story about Seamus in the telegram.... so be on the watch for it...... I still laugh when I read it....

Flymaine said...

How cool! My co-worker has 5 or 6 sheep as pets and they are sure to have extra wool since they have no plans to spin or knit. Let me know if you want any.

Dinah is looking beautiful! How are the boys?