Thursday, March 08, 2007

Life Stinks! or: Yucky Chucky

Charlie got skunked a couple of nights ago. Our dog fence is secure enough to keep varmints out and our dogs in, but poor Chuckles managed to get sprayed in the face anyway. I theorize that either he was standing downwind when the skunk nailed somebody else in the yard, or the skunk got so tired of Charlie's barking that it ambled over to the fence and gave him a nice big faceful of Shut the Hell Up.

Here's the best part: Since Charlie was barking his fuzzy brown fool head off at the time, a respectable portion of the spray got him right in the open mouth. If you think dog breath is bad, try dog breath flavored with skunk stink sometime!

Celeste, our wonderful emergency backup groomer, comforted us when we called to see (read: beg) whether she could clean Sir Charles up for us. (Her shop is several miles closer to us than the closest grocery store, so she's easier to get to than anyplace that sells hydrogen peroxide for do-it-yourself jobs.) She told us to bring him on down yesterday afternoon, and she had just the right formula available to restore him to his normal, sweet-smelling self.

She was right, of course. A couple of hours later, she had transformed Puppy Le Pew into a handsome, clean, nicely-scented version of himself. The only problem she mentioned was that she had nothing to take the skunk stink out of his breath, and she had to hold her own breath when he kissed her as she soaped him. (You really had to have been there, I'm sure...)

And in Yarn News...

mittens are done! (Photo to follow.) I love the brown-sugar color of this yarn. The size of the strand got a little scrawny for #7 needles toward the end of the yarn ball, so I'm not completely satisfied with the top of the second mitten. I have another ball of bulky-weight yarn from the same spinner in a black-brown-white tweed that I'm going to attempt next. Those should make warmer mittens than the brown-sugar Shetland wool. If Sue likes both pairs, she's welcome to both.

In the Interest of Absolute Accuracy...

I have an erratum to report. Earlier on in the blog someplace I mentioned that Greg was preparing orchestral parts of Arkadia for the Holyoke Symphony -- but he's doing the orchestral arrangement of Water instead. My bad.


Pirate said...

We had two German Shepherds at one point and one of them got hit by skunks not once, not twice, but three times. Once he ALMOST got in the house when he'd been freshly sprayed. Like yours, he was barking too and got it full in the mouth. Threw up a great deal, as I recall. Must be awful stuff.

Dale said...

Ohhh poor Chucky!! Maybe a long drive with the window down...and his face hanging out...would help with the bad breath. I hope he will be kissable soon!! I can't wait to see the mittens you made for Sue!

What happened to your Blog design?

Sarah said...

Oh. My. God.

I cannot imagine the horrors of Skunk in Beardie Coat. I truly hope that I never have to deal with it.


Barbara W. Klaser said...

I've always heard tomato juice works. Oooh, right in the mouth -- poor doggie and family!

I can't help liking skunks, though. They're so beautiful when they're not spraying anyone, and they'll eat all the snails in the garden. When we didn't have dogs, we loved to have them visit.