Saturday, February 24, 2007

Happiness Is a Busy Man (And Other Stuff)

Greg is wildly busy these days. The Holyoke Symphony has requested his orchestral piece Arkadia to perform this season. Up until now he's been self-publishing, but it's time to get a bigger company to handle the process of cranking out all those parts (50-80 at a time).

He's also working on the CD of sax quartets with four other composers and the New Hudson Sax Quartet from New York. They'll record it sometime this summer at Town Hall in NYC, and it'll probably be on the market early next year.

He also has other performances of his pieces coming up, and I've lost count as to what is being done where. He took a leave of absence from BU this semester so he could get all the work done, plus finish up a brass quintet and another piece that have ensembles waiting to play it. The brass quintet will be premiered at Carnegie Recital Hall -- I forget when.

Shout Out!

A shout out to Sarah and Storm, who came by to visit the blog this week. Storm is one of Dinah Moe's buddies on Dogster. He and Sarah were lucky to find each other after Storm was left homeless by Hurricane Katrina. They romp together out in San Berdoo, CA, where there are no hurricanes to scare poor innocent Beardies.

Wish Us Luck!

Geez, it seemed like such a long ways away, but... Seamus and I are shooting for our very first Rally Advanced leg at the Collie Club of Maine's trial this coming Friday. Advanced is performed all off-lead, which makes it a particular challenge after doing Novice all on-lead. I'm hoping very hard that our cross-training in agility helps us with this part, and that the judge might accidentally forget to put an offset figure 8 on the course. Keep your fingers crossed for us, won't you?

Congratulations to Sampson and his mom Dale for persevering through the CGC course and passing the test!

Mitten-O-Mania Continues

Shortly after I posted about my newfound fascination with mittens, Sue dropped by the blog. One thing led to another, and now not only am I about to start making a pair of mittens from natural undyed wool for Sue, but she herself has taken up mitten knittin'. Way to go, Sue -- we want pictures of your first finished pair!


sue said...

BOY I am EXCITED about my (your) mittens!!! because I think its going to be a VERY long time before I get mine done!!! so far, I have done the cuff over three times .. my "homework" for class is to come back with the cuff.... does "my dog ate my homework" qualify in this sitution... even though they really didn't!!!! because I can't think up any other excuse!!! its a challenge for sure, but one way or another I will get it!!!!quilting on the other hand... now there's where its at!!!! :-)

Dale said...

Glad the man is staying busy and productive! We really enjoyed hearing his stuff when you guys were over. As for mittens, I can't wait to see Sue's mittens...which I am sure will be smaller than the sasquash slippers!!!

sue said...

my slippers??????????????????? you mean SLIPPER... the one made for the jolly green gaint!!!!I have decided to keep it as a conversation piece... maybe I should blog about it!!! :-)

Pirate said...

Good luck at the trial, and cool mittens. You take great pics of your pups, too.

We recently bought an apple MacBook and today my husband accidently backed up files in the wrong direction so my new files got overwritten by files about a week older. AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH! We downloaded a program called FileSalvage, and I got my 300-page book back and saved having to do a week's worth of work over again.

Barbara W. Klaser said...

That's exciting about Greg's success with his music. Like acting and writing, that's one of those tough businesses to make headway in. Only a few seem to succeed out of all the starters.

Best wishes to you and Seamus in your competition.