Thursday, January 04, 2007

Our Cat Needs Vocational Counseling

Persephone napping on the job

We currently have a repairman here working on our treadmill. The incline function stopped functioning a few weeks ago. The treadmill still works fine if you just want to trek on a flat distance, but going uphill just wasn't happening.

The treadmill is under warranty, so Greg called the repair number, and a technician determined that the motor had failed. He had a new motor shipped to us, and scheduled the repair date for today.

Come to find out that a mouse had crawled into the downstairs family room (almost literally under the cat's nose, since she lives down there and sleeps a few feet from where we keep the gym equipment) and decided to take up residence in the treadmill motor.

Unfortunately, since we're still using the treadmill, the story doesn't end happily for the mouse. The technician just pulled it out of the motor with barbecue tongs, and it just received a less-than-proper Christian burial in our garage trash receptacle.

The cat has thus far refused to comment.


sue said...

I should send "Mona" over.. she has caught at least three mice in our basement!!! course I don't know what to make of that... she's a good mouser OR that we have had at least THREE mice down there... I suppose if we had a proper basement door that would help keep them out... and I think she's planning on teaching Dancer, because she brought the last one upstairs with her!!!! Dead.. but EEEKKKKK!!!! sue

Dale said...

Too funny! Our little green car does not get used much, needless to say the last time I brought it to the repair shop a very large family of mice jumped out and surprised the mechanic! No we have a dead mouse smell whenever we use the heater...thankfully it is a mild winter!