Sunday, September 03, 2006

Blogger Beta and Other Adventures

This is one of my current favorite photos of Dinah. Greg took this during the Mid-Coast Kennel Club show yesterday. Gory details, for those who are interested, will shortly appear on Dog Show Newbie.

Pirate reports that she's had trouble logging into my blog to comment, even though she herself has a Blogger account. This is probably a Blogger issue, since I switched to Blogger Beta a while back in order to take advantage of the nifty new features. Just for chuckles, I disabled the comment moderation features to see if the problem's there someplace. Pirate, if you'd be so kind, please give it a try now. I sure hope I don't get bombed with blog-spam again.

I am considering moving at least one blog to my .Mac account, but I haven't had a lot of time to play with it just yet. If that happens, I'll post links here and let everyone know.

So Where the Heck Have I Been (Again)?

Seems as though dog shows have been my life lately -- either I'm driving to one, or have just come back from one and am too tired to squeeze out even a few sentences. I really do have an actual life between shows, but it's just been a lively time of year.

A couple of weeks ago, Dinah and I took off to Gananoque, Ontario for the Bearded Collie Club of Canada National Specialty. I saw friends there whom I haven't seen in many years, though we've swapped emails. I drank beer, laughed, learned the proper pronunciation of Gah-nah-NO-kway, had some fantastic meals (if you're ever in the 1000 Islands area, definitely have dinner at the Athlone Inn in Gananoque), and stole kisses from every puppy in the place. Dinah had a fine time for herself, bouncing with her fellow pupsters and flirting with all the handsome boy-doggies. If you're not inclined to follow our dog show adventures on my other blog, let me give away the happy ending here: Dinah won Best Puppy in Show, and we brought home a huge rosette, a lovely handmade stained glass mini-window of a black Beardie puppy, and a big honkin' trophy that Greg and I refer to as the "Stanley Pup."

We've Got $#%@in' Socks on a Plane, Part Too

Maybe Blogger just doesn't like sock photos. I've just tried to upload the shots of the two pairs I recently finished, and it gagged yet again. I'll use Hello and see if that works. Sorry... again.

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Pirate said...

Testing, testing. Hey, blogdog. Hope this works. I think I was too busy for talk like a pirate day. But speaking of which, we are finally going to see the second pirates movie tomorrow. Haven't seen it yet. I have really missed your postings. Crossing my fingers that this works.