Sunday, June 11, 2006

We're BeardieMainiacs!

(This motley crew appeared at the York County show at the beginning of May. That's me with Dinah on the far right.)

A bunch of us have been talking about forming a Bearded Collie club here in Maine for ages now, and finally we're doing something about it. The fledgling has a placeholder Web site, an , a slate of officers to help build it, and a to-do list twenty miles long.

We have a ways to go before we can be called an official anything, though. AKC and the parent club have to approve of our existence, plus we have to draw up some by-laws and a constitution, collect some dues, stage some fund-raisers, and throw some fun activities to attract Beardie buddies from all over.


YarnBotanika said...

Oh all those beardies!! SO BEAUTIFUL! Just a note to say hello! I am off to Estes Park this week for the wool festival!! CANNNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

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