Sunday, July 24, 2005

The End of the Knit-Along Road (for now)

Woo hoo -- Donna and I have both finished our Fletchers! She finished hers last week, and emailed the happy news after finding the perfect set of toggles for it at a bargain price. It might still get cool enough in Vancouver at night so she can wear it over a T-shirt, but she'll definitely be ready for the cold weather in any case. If memory serves me correctly, Donna knitted hers in the amazing flame-colored yarn shown in the pattern photos. I wish I'd chosen the same color, but the jewel tones in the colorway I chose (#16) give the sweater a different, no less gorgeous look.

I finished mine late Friday night and sewed the pieces together yesterday. It's a lovely sweater, though it's too warm here for me to admire myself in it for more than a few seconds at a time. I'm considering using either bamboo toggles or whitish "antler" colored ones.

(Yes, there will be pictures -- after blocking and buttons.)

In a way, I feel vindicated: Donna too ran out of yarn before finishing the sweater. Between working the last rows on the hood and stitching up the entire thing, I've probably used about half of the additional skein I bought. (Note to self: Buy even more extra next time. Objects are larger than they appear.)

Thus ends my very first knit-along, as well as my very first sweater. I've enjoyed "working" with Donna, who is a much more experienced knitter than I am. She's passed along lots of helpful advice, including plenty about knitting socks. (those are my next knitting Holy Grail, I think.)

For her next sweater project, she's picked a Jo Sharp pattern (Arabella?). I had mistakenly thought that my next cardigan project was an Oat Couture pattern (wishful thinking, probably -- I lust for their Celtic Cardigan), but I'm really going to do this neck-down cardigan from Knitting Pure and Simple in the new Mulberry shade of Lamb's Pride.

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