Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I Thought Cats Were Supposed to Be Neat

Our cat must have been someplace else when the Cat Manuals were handed out, because she doesn't seem to have read hers. Cats are supposed to be clean animals, right? If your cat is clean, could you please ask it to come over and talk to my cat?

I can't really get after her about shedding. She's a long-haired cat, and the fur gets all over everything. The kicker is that since she's a tortie, she has all different colors of hair in her coat -- and one of them is bound to show up on any article of clothing in any color or fabric (even yellow rubber rain slickers). Likewise, I don't really care for hairballs, but they happen.

This cat is such a slob, though -- she strews crumbs of cat food all across any surface where she eats. Today I picked up her food dish to feed her -- and it was crawling with ants! Since she eats in the bedroom, this will come to a screeching frickin' halt. Her dish will be relocated to the bathroom, whether she likes it or not.

And don't get me started about the kitty litter. I have never seen a cat spread kitty litter throughout the house as effectively as this animal does. It ends up in places where she doesn't even go -- like between the bedsheets. Every time I go into the bathroom, more stupid kitty liter covers all the surfaces, like some hellish feline pixie dust.

Yes, we're fond of her -- especially Greg, who tells her she's "cute, cute, cute" on the average of once every 1.5 seconds, all day and all night. She's not in any danger of going back to the shelter. All the same, if anybody has an extra Cat Manual lying around, could she please borrow it?


Pirate said...

eeeeeewwww, ants, kitty litter between the sheets .... eeeeeewwww

Persephone, you have to take a lesson from our James. The only time he throws up is when he's munched on a plant leaf (doesn't happen too often).

We feed our cats in the basement and when they've had their daily canned food they are locked in the basement for an hour; if they upchuck, it'll be on the basement floor and probably within that first hour. They're also locked in the basement at night and aren't allowed in the bedroom. As for a manual? Hmmmm, I'll ask James where he keeps his ...

stephanie said...

I have short hair kitties and have similar problems with litter trails. Things I've found that help with litter trails: trimming the fur around her paws, backside, any fur peeking out between the toes. If she has really long belly fur, do that, too. Also get a really big mat and put the box in the middle of it. I'm partial to astroturf, but a berber remnant is good too - as long as it has enough texture to catch the litter as she leaves the box but not so much texture that she will punish you for changing her box area. Vacume the mat daily if not 2x daily. I do 2x but that's b/c I have little kids.

Sharon said...

Hmm. This cat bears a resemblance to a lot of men I know...they never read the manual!

Barbara W. Klaser said...

A scruffy doormat next to the litter box helps.